Elevate your love life with the guidance of a globally recognized expert! As a distinguished love and relationship authority, top-tier dating coach, NLP Practitioner, accomplished author, media personality, and trailblazer in Digital Romance and Online Dating. I offer unparalleled expertise. Reputed as the premier personal trainer for dating. I skillfully guide women and men through the dating journey, ensuring they navigate challenges seamlessly and uncover the love they have been dreaming of. Ready to transform your romantic landscape? Let’s make your love story extraordinary!

I created a 6 week course called The Art Of PickUp designed to help men acquire the skills to approach women with confidence and leave them wanting more! Now available with or without personal guidance from PlaymatePickup.com

You can find many of my published advice articles at yourtango.com/

Being in a field in which fitness and health was important I decided to become a fitness trainer and ACE certified health coach. This not only helped me keep myself in great shape but it is something I incorporate into my love coach work since all relationships start with YOU.

I was born in Ansbach, Germany and moved to Tucson, Arizona with my family at the age of 6. I moved to Los Angeles on my 18th birthday to act. I spent many years as an actress starring in movies like Model For Murder, EuroTrip, After Midnight. Got eaten by a shark in Avalanche Sharks, and partied it up in Stretch with Chris Pine.

I signed my first contract with Playboy TV as the weather girl for the Weekend Flash and then became the co-host for the Playboy TV series “Totally Busted”. I was subsequently cast in a starring role as a ditsy secretary on the show “Canoga Park.” and you can find me starring in various SyFy, HBO and Cinemax movies such as “The Bikini Avenger”, “Piranhaconda”. See the full list at IMDB. My modeling career has placed me in Playboy Magazine 8 times to date, including being named one of the “Top 100 Most Beautiful Women in the World” by Playboy and Making the “Maxim Top 100 Hometown Hotties List”.

I hope you enjoy my site!

Proud owner of ErikaJordan.org a site I dedicated to providing panda habitat with Pandas International





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Two Hearts One Body

Anyone who knows me knows being a mother was always my greatest dream. I'm so grateful my body is capable of creating and sustaining life. I've never been happier and each kick and squirm fills my heart with an indescribable love. Two hearts,…

Babes In Toyland for the Troops!

As most of you know I'd take a spa day over a night of bar hopping any day but when it comes to partying for charity SIGN ME UP!! No one knows how to throw a party for charity better than Babes In Toyland! In addition to purchasing tickets,…

Erika Jordan, Master Sexpert

After completing a series of certifications under Dr. Ava Cadell at Loveology University I was awarded the title "Master Sexpert." Which means I'm now officially allowed to offer my services as a sexpert! I've been posting lots of awesome…

Double Standards by Erika Jordan

You need to read my new article: Double Standards In today's article I discuss the future of double standards! I have always enjoyed how different men and women are. I prefer to celebrate our differences instead of attempting to meet in…

Erika Jordan Becomes A Love Coach

Hello!!! I'm happy to say it's a relatively busy week 🙂 Shooting 2 fights this week and lined up 4 more videos! I am officially a licensed Love Coach and the ceremony is next week!! Hope to take some pics. I decided to go big and I'm also…

Erika Jordan Yoga In The Park

Now that spring is officially here I love starting my day with Yoga in the park! If you google Erika Jordan you'll see that this time I got caught! After viewing the Erika Jordan in the park pics I'm thinking I should start wearing yoga…

Director Extraordinaire

What an amazing weekend! I shot a commercial for a dating website on Saturday which went well! All the actors knew their lines and we had fun shooting it! I cast myself as one of the models in the video because.. well.. I can ;-p Which means…

My Epic Week!

As anyone in the business can understand the entertainment business can be a roller coaster. Feast or famine. Which makes me appreciate a week like this. Hosting Babes In Toyland the Pet Edition was a huge success for www.carerescuela.org !!…

Babes In Toyland Pet Edition! Save the Fluffys!!

      I don't do much partying but when I do, I like to do it for charity! Which is why I plan on spending April 22nd making sure people have a great time and donate to www.CareRescuela.com The event is sponsored by…

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