As most of you know I’d take a spa day over a night of bar hopping any day but when it comes to partying for charity SIGN ME UP!! No one knows how to throw a party for charity better than Babes In Toyland! In addition to purchasing tickets, everyone MUST bring donation items (minimum $25). Donation items include: Gift Cards (Target, Walmart, etc.), DVDs, CDs, Crosswords, Puzzlebooks; Small Handheld Games; AA & AAA Batteries; Magazines, Stationery Items, Greeting Cards; Athletic Socks; Baby Wipes, Hand Sanitizers, Hygeine Products; Lip balm, Toothpaste; Cotton Swabs; Beef Jerky (no pork); Small Canned Tuna or Chicken; Dried Fruit, Raisins, Nuts, Trail Mix, PopTarts, Granola Power Bars, Oatmeal, Gum, Fruit Cups (snack size), Small jars of Peanut Butter and Jell; Powdered Drink Mix (individual size), Coffee or Tea (individual size)

An honored to help host the festivities!

As anyone in the business can understand the entertainment business can be a roller coaster. Feast or famine. Which makes me appreciate a week like this. Hosting Babes In Toyland the Pet Edition was a huge success for !! I’ll be shooting day 3 for our second episode of Life As A Hot Loser, a photo shoot on Monday, TV show on Tuesday and the Playboy Morning Show Wednesday LIVE at 9am pct! I’m editing videos we shot last weekend at the Long Beach Grand Prix, finishing up some graphics for a Life As A Hot Loser sketch and editing 2 custom videos for 🙂 As they say, the idle mind is the devils playground and these days he’s on vacation 😉


Erika Jordan

rescue LA




I don’t do much partying but when I do, I like to do it for charity! Which is why I plan on spending April 22nd making sure people have a great time and donate to The event is sponsored by Station Local, 7th Revolution, Mr Pink, Bombshell Sports Wear and 50 Bleu! 🙂 Drinks and laughter to help animals find a home.

I am so blessed to live with my favorite animal, Bebe. She isn’t just a dog to me. She is my little girl and my best friend. Animals can save lives I know mine did. They deserve to share their greatness with the world. Buy an animal, feed a soul.

Erika Jordan


Sign me up!! I’ve just agreed to co-host the Babes in Toyland Pet Edition! Proceeds will go to benefit with the help of we hope to provide animals with shelter and improve their living environment. Doing something positive for animals while drinking and dancing the night away?! Doesn’t even require a hard sell! I hope to see you there!

SAVE THE DATE and plan to come join the fun!

Since 2008, the “Babes in Toyland Charity Toy Drive’ has attracted several thousand attendees while brightening the lives of countless children in need during the holiday season.

This year, for the first time, they will be expanding the ‘Babes in Toyland’ concept to include a springtime event that will support local animals in need by benefiting CARE RESCUE LA!!!! Same great concept, equally important cause! Partners in this event are the amazing folks at Hashtag Humanity, a socially responsible lifestyle brand that promotes positive change through fashion, special events, and social media campaigns.

Hosting the event will be an exciting group of beautiful models, actresses, and reality stars. The event will feature a Model/Dog fashion show and special performances by Billboard Top 40 Artist STASH and DJ Lauren Pappas!! Mark your calendars and come out to show your love & support for CARE RESCUE. This is our biggest fundraising event to date, and it would mean the world to us to see you all there!!

Where: Boulevard 3 6523 Sunset Blvd. Hollywood

When: Wednesday, April 22 2015 8pm-2am / VIP reception 8pm – 9pm

If I’m going to party I prefer to party for charity! Always a joy to co-host the Babes In Toyland charity toy drive. This year was no exception! We started the evening with a strut on the red carpet and time on santa’s lap with one of my favorite girls, Andrea Lowell. In order to gain entrance to the event people must bring 2 toys. The evening accumulated a mountain of toys that nearly filled the room!