Anyone who knows me knows being a mother was always my greatest dream. I’m so grateful my body is capable of creating and sustaining life. I’ve never been happier and each kick and squirm fills my heart with an indescribable love. Two hearts, one body.. a true miracle.. and I’m truly blessed

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Hello!!! I’m happy to say it’s a relatively busy week 🙂 Shooting 2 fights this week and lined up 4 more videos! I am officially a licensed Love Coach and the ceremony is next week!! Hope to take some pics. I decided to go big and I’m also a certified romantic and a master sexpert. Helping people improve their love lives has always been a passion of mine and now that I’m licensed to do it I’m creating a line of products to help men pick up women! I’ll be taking clients soon and I look forward to helping couples reignite the spark and teaching men and women how to find the person that’s right for them!

Erika Jordan, Certified Love Coach

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What an amazing weekend! I shot a commercial for a dating website on Saturday which went well! All the actors knew their lines and we had fun shooting it! I cast myself as one of the models in the video because.. well.. I can ;-p Which means I had to direct, produce and be in the video! I was never that great with multi tasking but I’m improving rapidly and it feel great! So much to think about at one time! I completed a rough edit on the commercial and after some finishing touches it will be ready to go!

On Sunday I shot 2 videos for my website !! One involved 4 gorgeous girls in a catty debate in a jacuzzi and the other was a semi choreographed fight scene complete with blood and bruises! Fortunately I’m a fight choreographer so I was happy to flex that skill! Now I have hours of footage to edit and tonight is the season finale of Game Of Thrones!! I shot a concert last week with my too cool for school business partner Scott Wheeler. I just completed the first final draft of the concert and I’m working on the commercial from last week now.. If I get done with all that I need to edit a clip for one of my new movies Bikini Car Wash!  In conclusion I’m staying in tonight!

Thank you for letting me entertain you!

Erika Jordan