I am thrilled to announce I’ve been given a Benchwarmers Kiss card! Today I spent the day signing and kissing cards with Dani Mathers and Kennedy Summers at the Benchwarmer headquarters. I was given my first Benchwarmer card in 2007 after placing in Playboy and Maxim’s top 100. Some might not see the fun in signing cards for hours but I think it’s the second best way to get carpal tunnel! There are many ways to start collecting Benchwarmer cards, you do it to see the sexy women, you’ve heard of some of the stars in the sets, like Super models, WWE divas, and more, or do you do it for the autographs, the Bikini cards, the kiss cards or for all of the above. There is no legit price guide for them, but then the ones they have they can be biased about things. My outlook on pricing for the cards is whatever another person is willing to pay, you can buy boxes, cases, packs inserts, singles or lots, or you can find someone who will trade them with you just like the old days of baseball cards