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Happy Easter!

I’m a sucker for any holiday especially ones that involve chocolate! Sign me up 🙂 I’m starting my Easter with some gym time so I don’t feel guilty for all the Easter bunnies I’m going to decapitate. I had a question and answer session with my fans this morning on Twitter. One of my favorite […]

Change My Hair Like I Change My Underwear

Once a month ;-p kidding.. I get bored.. which is apparent when you notice you rarely see me with the same hair color more than 2 months in a row! Being in the entertainment business I have to maintain some consistency but each hair color seems to bring out a different side of me. Blonde […]

My YouTube Channel

2/ 3/ 15 The best way to learn is to do. My favorite therapy is art therapy so when I’m feeling blue I shoot a youtube video!  I learn so much with each video since I have no choice but to direct, produce and edit them myself! I taught myself how to use finalcut and […]


4/ 2/ 15 In all my years in the entertainment business I have played a dancer at least 100 times. Can you say “typecast? ” This might have something to do with the fact that I’m comfortable with my body and know how to pole dance. Today I’m playing a burlesque dancer on a network […]


Sharknado 3!

You might remember me as Barbara in Avalanche Sharks. That was my first time getting eaten by a shark. Today was even better! I played NASA engineer Harleen Quinn and this time I got to do some stunts! This epic movie with Frankie Muniz, Tara Reid and David Hasselhoff is even more insane than the […]

Fantasy Women Battles

I have always loved to fight so you can imagine how thrilled I was when I was hired to play a sword fighting angel for Fantasy Women Battles. They spent 2 months training us with weapons to fight a battle to the death. My opponent, Maria Kanellis ex WWE diva who plays the demon extremely […]

Erika Shoots A Thriller

Time to flex my acting chops! Today I’m shooting a thriller! We usually have to sign an agreement prior to shooting agreeing not to reveal details such as movie name and cast. Today was no exception. My character was recently married and is blissfully happy until she encounters a serial killer. The title hasn’t been […]


Benchwarmer Kiss Card

I am thrilled to announce I’ve been given a Benchwarmers Kiss card! Today I spent the day signing and kissing cards with Dani Mathers and Kennedy Summers at the Benchwarmer headquarters. I was given my first Benchwarmer card in 2007 after placing in Playboy and Maxim’s top 100. Some might not see the fun in […]

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Babes In Toyland Pet Edition

Sign me up!! I’ve just agreed to co-host the Babes in Toyland Pet Edition! Proceeds will go to benefit CARERescueLA.org with the help of HashtagHumanity.com we hope to provide animals with shelter and improve their living environment. Doing something positive for animals while drinking and dancing the night away?! Doesn’t even require a hard sell! […]