I’m not usually a country girl but today I had a blast on the set of Toby Keith’s Drunk Americans. I played an ex-wife, drugpin’s girlfriend, and an enthusiastic sports fan! So basically I played dress up all day while posing for pictures in between breaks! The music video is hilarious and part live action part animation. Anyone who lets me play with weapons is on my love list! 

“Drunk Americans” is a song written by Brandy Clark, Bob DiPiero and Shane McAnally and recorded by American country music artist Toby Keith. It was released in October 2014 as the first single from his upcoming album, 35 MPH Town.

The song celebrates social unity among American people of various backgrounds who all participate in drinking alcohol. Brandy Clark, one of the song’s three writers, told Rolling Stone that “We wanted to write it sort of like a modern day ‘Piano Man’… It’s like ‘When we’re in here drinking, who cares what we are outside of this?’

Taste of Country reviewed the single favorably, saying that “The woozy waltz adds a hint of inclusive social commentary to allow it to stand out from the rest. The music video was directed by Michael Salomon and premiered in November 2014