What an amazing weekend! I shot a commercial for a dating website on Saturday which went well! All the actors knew their lines and we had fun shooting it! I cast myself as one of the models in the video because.. well.. I can ;-p Which means I had to direct, produce and be in the video! I was never that great with multi tasking but I’m improving rapidly and it feel great! So much to think about at one time! I completed a rough edit on the commercial and after some finishing touches it will be ready to go!

On Sunday I shot 2 videos for my website www.customdreammodels.com !! One involved 4 gorgeous girls in a catty debate in a jacuzzi and the other was a semi choreographed fight scene complete with blood and bruises! Fortunately I’m a fight choreographer so I was happy to flex that skill! Now I have hours of footage to edit and tonight is the season finale of Game Of Thrones!! I shot a concert last week with my too cool for school business partner Scott Wheeler. I just completed the first final draft of the concert and I’m working on the commercial from last week now.. If I get done with all that I need to edit a clip for one of my new movies Bikini Car Wash!  In conclusion I’m staying in tonight!

Thank you for letting me entertain you!

Erika Jordan

You might remember me as Barbara in Avalanche Sharks. That was my first time getting eaten by a shark. Today was even better! I played NASA engineer Harleen Quinn and this time I got to do some stunts! This epic movie with Frankie Muniz, Tara Reid and David Hasselhoff is even more insane than the first 2! Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! is getting some serious press and the fans are lining up for this epic hit! When Fin and April go to Florida for the summer vacation, strong winds and lots of rain comes to Florida and a Sharknado comes and destroyes Florida. The Sharknado goes to Washington D.C. and sharks falling from the sky. It’s up to Fin and April to stop the Sharknado the third time. Airing July 22nd on SyFy!!! 

Life As A Hot Loser is going LIVE! As of April 1st Life As A Hot Loser will be on your TV! For those of you that don’t know Life As A Hot Loser is a dark comedy about 2 girls failing at life. We take real life events and exaggerate them for your amusement. Self depreciating and a tad risqué! Family Guy meets Two Broke Girls. Jacqui Holland and I have been given a time slot for the sketch comedy we write, produce, direct and star in! I’m working on the second episode now and my editing is getting better with each episode so aside from the fact that we get to make people laugh I’m loving the personal growth and experience.

Sign me up!! I’ve just agreed to co-host the Babes in Toyland Pet Edition! Proceeds will go to benefit CARERescueLA.org with the help of HashtagHumanity.com we hope to provide animals with shelter and improve their living environment. Doing something positive for animals while drinking and dancing the night away?! Doesn’t even require a hard sell! I hope to see you there!

SAVE THE DATE and plan to come join the fun!

Since 2008, the “Babes in Toyland Charity Toy Drive’ has attracted several thousand attendees while brightening the lives of countless children in need during the holiday season.

This year, for the first time, they will be expanding the ‘Babes in Toyland’ concept to include a springtime event that will support local animals in need by benefiting CARE RESCUE LA!!!! Same great concept, equally important cause! Partners in this event are the amazing folks at Hashtag Humanity, a socially responsible lifestyle brand that promotes positive change through fashion, special events, and social media campaigns.

Hosting the event will be an exciting group of beautiful models, actresses, and reality stars. The event will feature a Model/Dog fashion show and special performances by Billboard Top 40 Artist STASH and DJ Lauren Pappas!! Mark your calendars and come out to show your love & support for CARE RESCUE. This is our biggest fundraising event to date, and it would mean the world to us to see you all there!!

Where: Boulevard 3 6523 Sunset Blvd. Hollywood

When: Wednesday, April 22 2015 8pm-2am / VIP reception 8pm – 9pm