My New Show Goes Live On Playboy Radio

As you all know it has been my dream to host my own radio show since I learned how to speak. A place where I can work in my pjs and what I say actually matters!?  I’ve been given the perfect platform for my insanity and I just wrapped up my first week on the air with Joel Dovev at noon every Thursday on Just For The Articles. Current events, tips and comedy we keep you entertained and laughing. You can download each episode at

Every week on Thursday at noon we’ll keep you entertained during your lunch break! Our last episode focused on technology, the latest advances in curing erectile dysfunction, getting to know the hosts and a fun segment called Joel and Erika hate celebrities. This week we revealed a list of the smelliest celebs in the business. What will we uncover next week? Tune in and find out.

The Playboy Morning Show

The best way to start the day is with Andrea Lowell on the Playboy Morning show LIVE at 9am pct! I was up at 6am primping and prepping for another fun show! This was my 38th appearance on the show and it was a great one! I was able to prove that using your entire body is more efficient when cleaning windows and I got to put on my referee attire to keep things fair during the game portion of the day! Our guest for the day was black jesus aka Gerald Slink Johnson who I had just filmed Sharknado 3 with the week before.

Hosting for Playboy on the red carpet for the 50th Anniversary of The Sound Of Music

Hollywood blvd was shut down yet again. This time to roll out the red carpet for the 50th anniversary of The Sound Of Music and I was fortunate enough to strut the red carpet with Playboy TV to interview the stars! Julie Andrews has been a favorite of mine since Mary Poppins so I was bright eyed and bushy tailed as the sun set over Hollywood! Asking hard hitting questions like “what’s your favorite snack to sneak into a movie theater” and “have you ever done a nude scene” I was happy to spice things up! You can catch me hosting the festivities on the Playboy Morning Show!

Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer came out to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their beloved movie-musical, The Sound of Music, at the TCM Film Festival. Before a screening of the Robert Wise–directed classic as it first appeared in theaters in the 60s—with an overture and an intermission—the co-stars and longtime friends joined former Academy president Sid Ganis onstage at the Chinese Theatre for a nostalgic conversation about the project that helped launch their movie careers.

Starting the day at my home away from home Playboy TV I was excited to work with Steve Wilkos from the Jerry Springer show which I grew up watching since my mom didn’t have cable and it was the only thing on late at night besides infomercials! He definitely has a gift for spotting a liar! We played a game in which we had to deny things that had actually happened to us and he guessed correctly every time! Aside from being observant he was extremely down to earth and kind. The morning show was a success as usual and by 10am I was off to do a rehearsal for my own show with Joel Dovev, Just For The Articles.