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Happy 4th Of July by Erika Jordan


Hello and happy Independence day! The 4th of July has been a federal holiday in the U.S. since 1941, but the tradition of Independence Day celebrations goes back to the 18th century and the American Revolution (1775-83). In June 1776, representatives of the 13 colonies then fighting in the revolutionary struggle weighed a resolution that would declare their independence from Great Britain. On July 2nd, the Continental Congress voted in favor of independence, and two days later its delegates adopted the Declaration of Independence, by Thomas Jefferson. From 1776 until the present day, July 4th has been celebrated as the birth of American independence, with typical festivities ranging from fireworks, parades and concerts, getting drunk, family gatherings and barbecues.

Wishing everyone love, fun in the sun, good food and laughter!

Erika Jordan, Licensed Love Coach

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Erika Jordan, Master Sexpert

After completing a series of certifications under Dr. Ava Cadell at Loveology University I was awarded the title “Master Sexpert.” Which means I’m now officially allowed to offer my services as a sexpert!

I’ve been posting lots of awesome dating and sex tips on BroMyGod. Please check it out and let me know what you think 🙂


I hope to continue my education indefinitely in various ways.

Tomorrow I’m shooting a pilot for Playboy TV. I will be coming on as a Love Coach.

If you want me to sign something (send it with a pre stamped  return envelope, and no nudes) or want to send me a birthday gift 😉 (it’s next week)

Erika Jordan

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Erika Jordan


Double Standards by Erika Jordan

You need to read my new article: Double Standards

In today’s article I discuss the future of double standards! I have always enjoyed how different men and women are. I prefer to celebrate our differences instead of attempting to meet in the middle. We are wired differently and no matter how much society changes we will still be made from different chromosomes. Personally I consider myself to have modern values with an old fashioned heart! Please leave comments on BroMyGod if you have any suggestions for future articles!

Wishing you more love!
Erika Jordan, Certified Love Coach

Erika Jordan


JOSH_RYAN_ErikaJordan-0117 copy

Erika Jordan Becomes A Love Coach

JOSH_RYAN_ErikaJordan-0117 copy

Hello!!! I’m happy to say it’s a relatively busy week 🙂 Shooting 2 fights this week and lined up 4 more videos! I am officially a licensed Love Coach and the ceremony is next week!! Hope to take some pics. I decided to go big and I’m also a certified romantic and a master sexpert. Helping people improve their love lives has always been a passion of mine and now that I’m licensed to do it I’m creating a line of products to help men pick up women! I’ll be taking clients soon and I look forward to helping couples reignite the spark and teaching men and women how to find the person that’s right for them!

Erika Jordan, Certified Love Coach

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Erika Jordan Yoga In The Park


Now that spring is officially here I love starting my day with Yoga in the park! If you google Erika Jordan you’ll see that this time I got caught! After viewing the Erika Jordan in the park pics I’m thinking I should start wearing yoga pants ;-p I was expecting one to be called; Erika Jordan Indecent Exposure 😉

Last week was rough with my darling Bebe in and out of the emergency room. I’ve been cooking her breakfast and dinner and she is responding extremely well to the medication. It felt so good to nurture her back to health.

This week I’m finishing up an overview of my Loveology course so I can take the final and I’m directing magic for my business venture CustomDreamModels. I’ll also be shooting a fight and heading over to Wondercon to take part in the festivities!!!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Tuesday!

Erika Jordan

_MG_9878 ME

Director Extraordinaire

What an amazing weekend! I shot a commercial for a dating website on Saturday which went well! All the actors knew their lines and we had fun shooting it! I cast myself as one of the models in the video because.. well.. I can ;-p Which means I had to direct, produce and be in the video! I was never that great with multi tasking but I’m improving rapidly and it feel great! So much to think about at one time! I completed a rough edit on the commercial and after some finishing touches it will be ready to go!

On Sunday I shot 2 videos for my website !! One involved 4 gorgeous girls in a catty debate in a jacuzzi and the other was a semi choreographed fight scene complete with blood and bruises! Fortunately I’m a fight choreographer so I was happy to flex that skill! Now I have hours of footage to edit and tonight is the season finale of Game Of Thrones!! I shot a concert last week with my too cool for school business partner Scott Wheeler. I just completed the first final draft of the concert and I’m working on the commercial from last week now.. If I get done with all that I need to edit a clip for one of my new movies Bikini Car Wash!  In conclusion I’m staying in tonight!

Thank you for letting me entertain you!

Erika Jordan


So tired today! I can’t control when my creative juices start flowing so when I was on a roll editing a video for Gevitta last night I couldn’t stop even though I had a 6 am call time today! I’ve been on set for 6 hours now and visions of my pillows are dancing in my head. I hope to get to bed early tonight because tomorrow morning I’m LIVE on the Playboy Morning Show at 9 am pct. Must be bright eyed and bushy tailed to properly enjoy the fun!! Extremely busy week! 3 videos to edit and counting plus booked solid until Thursday!  Typical entertainment business I had to turn down business because they all wanted to shoot on the same day. Erika Jordan is the flavor of the month! Yesterday I shot a custom for It was called School girl vs French Maid Smackdown. Although in my opinion a french maid isn’t a french maid without thigh highs. Lucky for me I have a fresh pair ready to go for Playboy TV tomorrow! Tune in because it will be EPIC.

Erika Jordan



rescue LA

My Epic Week!

As anyone in the business can understand the entertainment business can be a roller coaster. Feast or famine. Which makes me appreciate a week like this. Hosting Babes In Toyland the Pet Edition was a huge success for !! I’ll be shooting day 3 for our second episode of Life As A Hot Loser, a photo shoot on Monday, TV show on Tuesday and the Playboy Morning Show Wednesday LIVE at 9am pct! I’m editing videos we shot last weekend at the Long Beach Grand Prix, finishing up some graphics for a Life As A Hot Loser sketch and editing 2 custom videos for 🙂 As they say, the idle mind is the devils playground and these days he’s on vacation 😉


Erika Jordan

rescue LA


Babes In Toyland Pet Edition! Save the Fluffys!!




I don’t do much partying but when I do, I like to do it for charity! Which is why I plan on spending April 22nd making sure people have a great time and donate to The event is sponsored by Station Local, 7th Revolution, Mr Pink, Bombshell Sports Wear and 50 Bleu! 🙂 Drinks and laughter to help animals find a home.

I am so blessed to live with my favorite animal, Bebe. She isn’t just a dog to me. She is my little girl and my best friend. Animals can save lives I know mine did. They deserve to share their greatness with the world. Buy an animal, feed a soul.

Erika Jordan



Benchwarmer Kiss Card Hits Ebay

Holy macaroni! My Benchwarmer Kiss Card hit the streets and it’s looking fierce! If we took advantage of modern medicine you could clone me from my lipstick! The bidding is going well on Ebay and I’m so happy! They are only a few and only for a limited time so get your Erika Jordan Benchwarmer card NOW!

Erika Jordan