So tired today! I can’t control when my creative juices start flowing so when I was on a roll editing a video for Gevitta last night I couldn’t stop even though I had a 6 am call time today! I’ve been on set for 6 hours now and visions of my pillows are dancing in my head. I hope to get to bed early tonight because tomorrow morning I’m LIVE on the Playboy Morning Show at 9 am pct. Must be bright eyed and bushy tailed to properly enjoy the fun!! Extremely busy week! 3 videos to edit and counting plus booked solid until Thursday!  Typical entertainment business I had to turn down business because they all wanted to shoot on the same day. Erika Jordan is the flavor of the month! Yesterday I shot a custom for It was called School girl vs French Maid Smackdown. Although in my opinion a french maid isn’t a french maid without thigh highs. Lucky for me I have a fresh pair ready to go for Playboy TV tomorrow! Tune in because it will be EPIC.

Erika Jordan



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