Now that spring is officially here I love starting my day with Yoga in the park! If you google Erika Jordan you’ll see that this time I got caught! After viewing the Erika Jordan in the park pics I’m thinking I should start wearing yoga pants ;-p I was expecting one to be called; Erika Jordan Indecent Exposure 😉

Last week was rough with my darling Bebe in and out of the emergency room. I’ve been cooking her breakfast and dinner and she is responding extremely well to the medication. It felt so good to nurture her back to health.

This week I’m finishing up an overview of my Loveology course so I can take the final and I’m directing magic for my business venture CustomDreamModels. I’ll also be shooting a fight and heading over to Wondercon to take part in the festivities!!!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Tuesday!

Erika Jordan