Erika Jordan Becomes A Love Coach

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Hello!!! I’m happy to say it’s a relatively busy week 🙂 Shooting 2 fights this week and lined up 4 more videos! I am officially a licensed Love Coach and the ceremony is next week!! Hope to take some pics. I decided to go big and I’m also a certified romantic and a master sexpert. Helping people improve their love lives has always been a passion of mine and now that I’m licensed to do it I’m creating a line of products to help men pick up women! I’ll be taking clients soon and I look forward to helping couples reignite the spark and teaching men and women how to find the person that’s right for them!

Erika Jordan, Certified Love Coach

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Director Extraordinaire

What an amazing weekend! I shot a commercial for a dating website on Saturday which went well! All the actors knew their lines and we had fun shooting it! I cast myself as one of the models in the video because.. well.. I can ;-p Which means I had to direct, produce and be in the video! I was never that great with multi tasking but I’m improving rapidly and it feel great! So much to think about at one time! I completed a rough edit on the commercial and after some finishing touches it will be ready to go!

On Sunday I shot 2 videos for my website !! One involved 4 gorgeous girls in a catty debate in a jacuzzi and the other was a semi choreographed fight scene complete with blood and bruises! Fortunately I’m a fight choreographer so I was happy to flex that skill! Now I have hours of footage to edit and tonight is the season finale of Game Of Thrones!! I shot a concert last week with my too cool for school business partner Scott Wheeler. I just completed the first final draft of the concert and I’m working on the commercial from last week now.. If I get done with all that I need to edit a clip for one of my new movies Bikini Car Wash!  In conclusion I’m staying in tonight!

Thank you for letting me entertain you!

Erika Jordan