4/ 2/ 15

In all my years in the entertainment business I have played a dancer at least 100 times. Can you say “typecast? ” This might have something to do with the fact that I’m comfortable with my body and know how to pole dance. Today I’m playing a burlesque dancer on a network TV show. I had a 5am call time which is rough for me! I’m not a morning person. My costume today is sparkly and by the time the sun made its appearance I was already in full wardrobe, make up and hair at FOX studios. On the bright side dancing burns some serious calories so no need to feel guilty for taking a day off from the gym. Most of the girls on set with me I’ve worked with numerous times like Anne McDaniels who I worked with on The Pandora Experiment, Diana Terranova, and Tiffany from my lifetime style movie T&E. Already on my third coffee today I’m ready to take over the stage 🙂

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