I’m a sucker for any holiday especially ones that involve chocolate! Sign me up 🙂 I’m starting my Easter with some gym time so I don’t feel guilty for all the Easter bunnies I’m going to decapitate. I had a question and answer session with my fans this morning on Twitter. One of my favorite things to do since my fans happen to be the coolest cats I know. We all have our favorite social media outlet and mine is definitely Twitter! I’ve been known to spend most holidays hosting parties but this year I’m hosting for one. One adorable loving chihuahua who is in serious need of a teeth cleaning but won’t let me stick anything in her mouth! This is a great time to remind ourselves how fortunate we are. To be able to see the sunset and rise,  to smell a blooming rose, and to set goals for ourselves that we will one day inevitably attain.. you don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the next step.

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